30th birthday invitations - Chris Allen

30th birthday invitations

When my wife and I booked our holiday to Hawaii in 2015, we had originally planned to go in May, but ended up booking our trip in September, which, coincidentally meant that we’d be in Hawaii when it was her birthday, perfect!

We’ve always wanted to go for our honeymoon, but finally decided on going this year, when we get back we have booked a function room in a local pub, and never wanting to do things the normal way, I came up with the idea of turning the party into a Luau!

The Luau invitations

This then meant we’d need some invitations designing, I loved the vintage feel, and wanted it to be carried across to the invites, at the time, I was also making my way through Madmen, and they’d just been to Hawaii on holiday.


I loved the vibrant colours, and 50/60s feel, and wanted to carry this over into the invites, I was able to source a collection of great paintings that portrayed the style perfectly, from an artist called William Medcalf, painting for calendar for Brown & Bigelow, which was perfect for what I had in mind.

Invitation to the beach

We were inviting our family and friends to our own version of the beach in Maui, and it made sense to give them…

Wish you were here!

…and the invites would be a welcoming to come and join us on the beach in Hawaii, come and join the party, celebrate with us, in this special location.

The invites would be in the form of a postcard from Hawaii, underpinned with the messages of Aloha! come and join us in Hawaii, don’t forget your Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts! Bringing our friends and family into Maui with us on Emma’s 30th birthday.

Hawaii Invites